Westfalia Technical Stuff

The following files may be useful to Westfalia owners. They have come from a variety of sources and while I will not be crediting individuals, I would like to acknowledge the Westfalia internet community as a great source of help and information.

I assume no responsibilty for the accuracy of any content on this site. These files are merely for reference and interest.

1987 Vanagon Brochure - pdf
86 Vanagon Protraining Manual - pdf
Vanagon Protraining 86-91 Fuel Systems - pdf
Vanagon Protraining 86-91 Digifant I - pdf
Air Flow Meter Adjustment - pdf
Dual Battery Schematic - pdf
Dual Battery Diagram - jpg
Westfalia Relay Wiring - pdf
How to Hotwire a Westfalia - .doc
Camping List - .doc (mine)
Another Camping List - .xls
ZDDP Calculator v1.14 - .xls
Westfalia Tent Instructions - jpg
Multimeter manual - .pdf